Types of promotions for betting

promotions for betting

The universe of betting does not gather only one type of bonus, there are several modalities like the bookmakers deposit bonus for beginners, other bonuses for frequent players, multiple betting bonuses and much more. That is why we have gathered all the information based on the list of bookmakers with bonuses to provide you with everything you need to know about the free bonus bookmakers.

If you want to know how to earn the bookmakers bonuses then you are in the right place, take note of our tips now and be sure to review all these sportsbooks with bonuses for their users, whether they are new users or not.

Welcome bonus


New users already know the famous initial deposit bonus – there are several bookmakers with signup bonuses, which encourage their users to join the site with opportunities to double the player’s deposit.

A good example of bookmakers with signup bonus is the Betmotion site, which has a bonus code for amounts up to £150, offering 100% return as soon as the user makes the deposit.

Get your welcome bonus at Betmotion

Usually these bookmakers with welcome bonus have specific terms and conditions. In the case of the example we mentioned above the user needs to make an initial deposit of up to £100 and will earn 100%, then the second deposit bonus 100% on the amount deposited.

However, in order to withdraw your welcome bonus, you must meet the rollover. This condition is nothing more than betting the amount you have earned, which may need to be added to the amount deposited, in order to be eligible to withdraw the promotion.

The bookmakers with registration bonus require, in addition to minimum deposit amounts, odds and a deadline for compliance with the terms and conditions. And it is essential that you comply exactly with what is described in the rules to make the most of this offer.

Making a sports betting promotion is something that a player should only do if they feel confident that they can meet the terms and conditions. Generally speaking, the best conditions are those that offer high values, low odds, very low rollover as well as a long time frame.

Multi Bets Bonus


Another famous bonus at some bookmakers is the combination betting bonus – this type of sports betting bonus offers a system where the player needs to choose a minimum number of teams to bet on, enter the combo bet and get the win if he meets the bonus terms.


To exemplify this type of bonus we have the Rivalo site and Bet90. In the case of Rivalo, for example, you can select 25 or more options and earn an extra bonus up to 25%. The value of the offer will depend on the number of selections chosen. The fewer options you choose, the lower the offer will be.

Just like other bookmaker promotions, Rivalo also requires that terms and conditions are met by its players in order to cash out the promotional amount, and the winnings obtained with it. And this condition also applies to other companies that offer this advantage to their players.

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