Comfort Zone And Why It Is So Important To Push Out Of It

Comfort Zone

A comfort zone is a living space with the least amount of anxiety. In the comfort zone a person feels safe and relaxed, he/she does familiar activities: goes to work, uses familiar routes, solves standard tasks, eats familiar food. This term is widely used in psychology. 

It would seem that what is wrong with being in a comfort zone? All people want to stay secure and not to have anxiety or worries. Even our instinct for self-preservation drives us to find a comfortable environment for ourselves. But our comfort zone is not our growth zone. 

Comfort zone and “growth” zone

Comfort zone and "growth" zone

Constantly being in a situation of peace and security can stop personal growth. When a healthy person stays in the comfort zone for a long time without making any effort to get out of that zone and expand its boundaries, their growth stops, turning into personal degradation. This means, you are not growing, you are stagnant.

To go out of the comfort zone means to do something new, unusual and at the expense of the efforts made (new experiences) to reach a new level of development or to achieve the desired result. It can be new knowledge, new experiences, new acquaintances. No matter what it is, it is important to step outside of your comfort zone every day. You can change up your routine, try new hobbies or activities (gambling on 

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Why comfort zone isnt always comfortable

hy comfort zone isnt always comfortable

 Sometimes the comfort zone has nothing to do with comfort – it is the walls that people build around themselves. Why does it happen, how to understand that you have limited your possibilities and how to decide to change, if the comfort zone has not become very comfortable? The comfort zone usually refers to the living conditions that provide a sense of psychological security and confidence in the future. But often people call the comfort zone what they are used to. That’s why staying in your comfort zone is a direct path to failure.

This is the main danger of comfort: gradually life begins to fill the fear of loss, but at the same time you become deadly bored. And then comes the time for change. In order to change, begin to take action and engage in new experiences. The first successes will inspire new steps. Well, if something doesn’t work, analyze the reasons, draw conclusions, and change your approach. But still continue on the road to freedom. The freedom to be yourself and to build your life.

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